STKO | Scientific ToolKit for OpenSees |

Scientific ToolKit for OpenSees

STKO (Scientific ToolKit for OpenSees) is an extended version of MPC, specialized to interact with OpenSees: STKO inherits all the capabilities of MPC in modeling, meshing, data preparation and visualization. It also contains extension modules to translate MPC models into input files for the OpenSees solver and to visualize analysis results with all the capabilities which MPC offers.

In addition focus is on the motivations that led to the development of this toolkit, and on the main design and implementation details.

STKO provides the HDF5 database library on standard and advanced visualization techniques in post-processing and the structure of the proposed file format.

It most of all includes Python-based scripting interface for manipulation and customization of results and the implementation of the new recorder class in OpenSees. STKO shows numerical applications. It also provides examples of soil-structure interactions, visualization of beam and shell data defined at gauss and at sub-integration points. Moreover the management of output database via user-defined scripts, extrapolation and manipulation of data for production of new custom results.



… features advanced CAD modeling tools, import-export of common CAD file formats, geometry repair tools, and a comprehensive set of meshing algorithms.

… is easily customizable via a python-based scripting interface. So custom components can be easily specified and added to the standard document, to fit the end-user needs.

… can then produce input files for OpenSees with all the information inputed by the user.


… features all common visualization algorithms (edge/surface color map, volume rendering, iso-lines, iso-surfaces, vector plots, etc..). Post processing also includes advanced visualization algorithms for beam/column and shell elements equipped with discretized (fiber) cross sections.

… is easily customizable via a python-based scripting interface. Therefore, results can be estracted and manipulated using custom python-scripts, allowing the end-user to produce custom information.

Finally, STKO uses an efficient opensource third-party database library for storing results. The MPCORecorder is a new recorder class for OpenSees that allows OpenSees to write results data in the format required by STKO.

All these features in one Software: STKO, a revolutionary visualization toolkit for Opensees