Advanced Structural Design & Analysis

Asdea | Advanced Structural Design & Analysis | Software is a software development company made up of engineers, academic researchers and software developers. Asdea has extensive experience in the field of numerical simulation for engineering. Our goal is to provide innovative software solutions for numerical simulation and data visualization. ASDEA Software also provides customized software development. This customized approach, as opposed to standard off-the-shelf solutions, effectively allows Asdea to target the specific needs of the customer. Our mission is to satisfy the customer through the use of the steps of Advanced Structural Modeling.

We strongly believe in innovation and cutting-edge solutions. Our team always keeps up to date with the latest technology with the increase in new requirements in software development and advanced structural modeling.

Advanced Structural Design & Analysis


Our nationally and internationally acquired skills in design and research enable us to offer high-profile specialized software solutions. The “personal” nature of our customized software facilitates interaction between the producer and the customer. AsdeaSoft has developed original features. These features include innovative software:   MPC and STKO (Scientific ToolKit for OpenSees).

First of all, the STKO pre-processing module features advanced CAD modeling tools, import-export of common CAD file formats, geometry repair tools and a comprehensive set of meshing algorithms.
The pre-processor is easily customizable via a python-based scripting interface. Custom components can be easily specified and added to the standard document. Finally, the STKO pre-processor can then produce input files for OpenSees where the user can input all the information. Its module features all common visualization algorithms, plus advanced visualization algorithms for beam/column and shell elements.

The STKO post-processor is easily customizable via a python-based scripting interface. The user can extract and modify results using custom python-scripts. In addition, STKO includes standard and advanced visualization techniques. The software uses an efficient opensource third-party database library for storing results. The special feature of this database is the MPCORecorder, which is a new recorder class for OpenSees that allows OpenSees to write data results in the format required by STKO.

Try the Trial Version of STKO free for 30 days and learn how your work can benefit from this Software!


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Advanced Structural Design & Analysis


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