Python package for STKO v.2.0
PyMpc Documentation

The documentation of PyMpc is a work in progress. Content will be updated as soon as it is available. Classes and methods used in the provided examples are considered complete. A new section of the forum as been created for you to post questions and suggestions on the use of the PyMpc package for STKO.

PyMpc is a Python package, developed specifically for the use of the Python scripting interface of STKO (Scientific Toolkit for OpenSees). The name MPC stems from the original name of the software Multi Purpose Cae. The present documentation is intended to be complementary to v2.0 of STKO, released on the 19/02/2021, available for download at the following link. The classes, methods and functions included in the PyMpc package, have been exported from STKO C++ source code to allow users to interact directly with the software by means of their own Python scripts. The scripting interface is an additional feature introduced already in STKO v. 1.1.5, but only v.2.0 contains a complete version of the dll library.

In order to allow the user to easily navigate the PyMpc library, a few examples are provided in the following sections, accessible via the navigation tree on the left:

In Section 1, useful scripts to interact with STKO GUI are presented. Section 2 contains basic classes and functions, to interact for example with units and mathematical operations. Sections 3 to 7 document elements which will be mostly used to interact with the Preprocessor environment, while finally Section 8 and 9 are respectively used to interact with the Postprocessor and define new applications. In terms of actual module and sub-modules, the PyMpc package is organized in a main body of classes, precisely called PyMpc, and the following specific sub-modules. Only these groups of classes, methods and functions have been separated for PyMpc a more convenient use./n These sub-modules are listed hereafter in alphabetical order:

Then the Guided tutorials section includes a few documented examples, this section will be updated after each webinar. The documentation of class, method, function and static variable can be found in the sections Package Functions and Classes. Additionally the search bar in the top right can help you navigate through the documentation.

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Massimo Petracca.
PyMpc comes pre-loaded in all STKO licenses of version 2.0