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We’re committed to protecting the privacy of our members and non-members. Find out more about our data protection policy and how we use cookies on Any personal information collected on projectewa website is protected under the eight data protection principles outlined in the Data Protection Act 1998. These principles protect the reasonable and lawful use of personal data without infringing user privacy. Data we hold will be used confidentially, and to help us run our services and keep you informed. We may also share relevant data to third parties, but only those that been carefully screened, and can offer members and customers useful information and services. The revenue we receive from third parties helps us improve and enhance our services.


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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files placed on your computer or in your browser. They help you use and get around websites faster. They also help the site to remember certain things, like your information you provide during an on-line application.

Can we access your computer?

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What happens if I turn cookies off?

If you turn cookies off, you won’t get the best out of our website. We use cookies to improve how you get around and use the site, as well as carry out actions, like searching for events or news.

I want to find out more about cookies

If you want to learn more about cookies in general, and the laws surrounding their use, then Wikipedia is a good place to start is , which has a detailed description of what cookies are and how they’re used. To find out more about the law surrounding cookies, provides a comprehensive description of the rules about their use, from both a UK and EU law perspective.

Document last modified: 25 August 2015