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We are engineers, academic researchers and software developers with extended experience in the field of numerical simulation for engineering. Our main aim is to provide innovative software solutions for numerical simulation and data visualization. In order to achieve this we have constantly embraced new technologies to make our abilities more reliable, more expert and more satisfying. ASDEA Software also provides customized software development that, as opposed to standard off-the-shelf solutions, can effectively target the specific needs of the customer. Custom application built around the needs of the customer. It will effectively provide the required features that other applications do not provide, thus leading to increased levels of productivity.

Actually we are at the beginning of a new, exciting era for software technology. This is an open era of participation, where everyone is connected and has the opportunity to help tackle the IT world’s big challenges.


Advanced Structural Design & Analysis – is an engineering company which has decades of significant experience in research and work in the international area. The goal of the company is providing highly technological innovative solutions in the field of structural engineering.
ASDEA provides geotechnical and structural design, finite element analysis, construction management and also seismic risk assessments. It is able to analyze a wide range of facilities ranging from small to large-scale structures such as hospitals, schools, etc.
Moreover, ASDEA has already gained significant international design experience and works closely with prestigious partners around the world. In this way it can ensure the proper approach to design and is able to efficiently meet the project objectives.

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Collaboration driven by Passion

Strength in numbers! ASDEA also believes a strong collaboration among the team. Since the day Asdea was founded in 2009, we have worked hard to enable partnerships, countries and individuals. As a result, we want to build their and our projects, and the right services for their needs.

The company is committed to helping them bring those projects to life, with the hopes of unleashing technological progress for tomorrow’s world.

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