Convergence problem

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Convergence problem

Post by ValentinaSB » Thu Dec 09, 2021 11:33 am

Good afternoon sir/madam,
I have a convergence problem in the horizontal analysis and I would like to ask any suggestion. I am attaching my model and I described it very quickly.
I am modelling RCframe infill interaction in 2D. I am using embedded elements for bars/stirrups and zeroLengthContactASDimplex for infill-frame interaction. For materials I am using DamageTC3D constitutive model with autoregularization of fracture energy. I calibrated my parameters on previous model (I used 1d FBE for frame before). Anyway in this model I continuously have convergence problem. Could you please advise me something?

Best wishes, Valentina
model continium - ASDEA.7z
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