groundmotion and soil stress

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groundmotion and soil stress

Post by jpereirasan » Mon Jun 17, 2024 1:56 am

Dear STKO team.

I am modeling a centrifugal test, my model delivers results but I need to make some adjustments so that the simulation delivers realistic values.

A centrifugal test basically corresponds to spinning a box with sand which is under a hydrostatic load.

A static analysis must be performed first to replicate the soil conditions prior to the movement and then the dynamic analysis is performed. To model the problem, boundary conditions and constraints on the model edges are used. Then a shake must be applied at the base of the model and in this way the simulation results are obtained.

I have the following doubts about how to replicate in STKO/Opensees some things.

1 - Regarding the static analysis, this must represent the vertical stress in the soil mass due to its own weight (this is a function of the 'y' position of the element and is modeled by multiplying the own weight of the soil by the 'y' position), and my question is if this must be represented using a special command like edge mass or face mass or it is done automatically by entering the properties of the material and the element?

2 - To apply the shake only in the base I am doing it with the groundmotion command and selecting the bottom side of the model geometry, and then in the analysis steps I activate it using a multiplesupport pattern, is this correct?

I would appreciate your support
Best regards
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