Extract Chart Data Results.

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Extract Chart Data Results.

Post by nisaralikhan » Mon Sep 28, 2020 12:09 pm

Dear STKO Team,
I have successfully run the attached STKO model. the control point of the model is Node-1.
If I want to Plot the pushover curve in the case in OpenSees script we create a recorder for two reactions (node-3 & node-4 in the attached model case) versus displacement at the control node (Node-1 in the attached model case).
I am wondering how to select the nodes for plotting the Pushover curve and do the sequences of the selected nodes affect the pushover curve results? and does STKO automatically calculate the sum of the reaction forces at the base vs displacement at the control node in the plot or we have to do it manually?
It would be highly appreciated if you could kindly plot the pushover curve of the attached file and clear the above questions.
Thanking you in anticipations.
28-09-2020 updated Bare Frame.rar
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Re: Extract Chart Data Results.

Post by Clarabella » Tue Sep 29, 2020 8:02 am

Dear user,
we dealt with this topic in several webinars and in the manual.
Please look at the extract chart section of the manual, then go the post processor. It is possible to do several operations with the data, average, sum, max, min etc.
Best regards

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