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connect shell wall and truss rod

Posted: Tue Jun 30, 2020 10:05 am
by chiara.casotto
Dear STKO team,

I am modelling a tie rod on top of a masonry wall, modelled with shell elements in 2D. The rod is instead an elastic truss.
I would like to connect the rod just at the extremities of the wall, but if a merge the shells and the truss, it gets connected at each vertex of the shells.

I then tried with an interaction (Equal DOF) between each extremity of the rod and the corresponding extremity of the wall. I can see in the tcl file that this constraint is actually written, but not even the gravity analysis runs (the error is attached).

What is the correct way of modelling this interaction?


Re: connect shell wall and truss rod

Posted: Thu Jul 02, 2020 10:48 am
by STKO Team
Hi Chiara,
From the error, it looks like you don't have a convergence problem, but you are instead using something that is not compatible with the MPCO recorder.

There are few things that have a bug in OpenSees and cannot be used when using a MPCO Recorder:
  • elasticForceBeamColumn -> use a simple elasticBeamColumn instead
  • trussSection -> just use a truss with a uniaxial material and an area
  • zeroLength section
If the problem is related to one of the abovementioned cases, you can solve it easily. Otherwise send us your *.SCD file (zip it and attach it to this post)