Advanced E-Learning Courses on OpenSees and STKO

ASDEA Software offers free online training on how to use OpenSees and STKO. Each online class takes place monthly and focuses on a special topic on the use of OpenSees’ finite element code and STKO. At the end of each class, input files and class materials will be uploaded to our site. Learn more here.

Our Upcoming Advanced E-Learning Courses:

The Open-Source External Solver Library in STKO: How to Contribute Massimo Petracca, PhDMay 26, 2022
6:00 pm GMT+2
TBA Massimo Petracca, PhDTBD

Get Started in OpenSees with STKO

Modeling with OpenSees is complex. You need a good working knowledge of the concepts involved to be able to model with confidence. Based on the types of questions we often get on our user forum, on our facebook, and by email, we decided to start a new webinar series with the goal of providing users a solid knowledge base in the basics of OpenSees. Go from zero to modeling with our complete series. Access the course documents and recordings here.

Content in Chinese

Are you looking for content about STKO in Chinese? Do you struggle to access our materials on YouTube?
Check out the following channels, or scan the QR code to join the QQ group.
Watch some webinars given in Chinese by Zhang Ping, a PhD student at Hong Kong Polytechnic University on Bilibili.
You can also learn more about STKO on CSDN.

STKO QQ group

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