Learn OpenSees with STKO
Video Tutorials

To make learning OpenSees with STKO easier, we have created a video tutorial series to help get you through the basics! Learn step-by-step how to navigate the software, how to create different geometries and perform boolean operations, how to mesh, and more. Scroll down to browse our catalog of tutorials.
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T0 | STKO OpenSees Pre&Post Processor Interface
An overview of STKO OpenSees Pre and Post processor interface.

T1 | STKO OpenSees How to navigate
How to start with STKO OpenSees: create, edit and save new files and how to navigate in the work space. (Keyboard and mouse commands).

T2 | STKO OpenSees Geometry Modeling Boundary Representation (BRep)
Boundary representation of models are composed of two parts: topology and geometry (surfaces, curves and points). The main topological items are: faces, edges and vertices. A face is a bounded portion of a surface; an edge is a bounded piece of a curve and a vertex lies at a point. Other elements are the shell (a set of connected faces), etc.

T3 | STKO OpenSees CAD Commands
How to create basic 2D and 3D geometries (line, surface, solids…), edit geometries (copy, scale, move…) and also how to do the Boolean operations (union, merge, etc).

T4 | STKO OpenSees Interactions of local axes
How to state the relationship that occurs between model elements through interactions (node to node; node to element and general link interactions). Local axes: how to assign them to the geometries.

T5 | Defining and Assigning Properties on STKO OpenSees
Defining physical (materials, sections, special_purpose) and element properties and assigning them to the geometries.

T6 | Boundary Conditions and Loads on STKO OpenSees
How to attribute boundary conditions like constraints, forces and loads to the geometry.

T7 | Meshing the Geometrial Model and Partition
Meshing phase of the model description: starting from the relationship between seeds and meshes till how to set and control them. How to manage meshes and the model partitions.

T8 | Analysis Steps and Solver
How to set solving parameters and run the Analysis on STKO OpenSees.

T9 | Post Processing Module
An overview of post-processing module. How to manage an OpenSees output file, how to view plots (deformed shape, surface color map, fiber section plot…), create animation and extract chart data.

STKO OpenSees Special Purpose
What is a special purpose property and how to apply it.

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