A versatile pre and post processor

MPC | Multi Purpose CAE |

MPC (Multi Purpose CAE) is a versatile pre and post processor for external numerical solvers. Asdea Software team has developed this innovative solution for all types of users who want to remain competitive in their market. It is possible thanks to main features. First of all, The MPC pre-processor offers advanced CAD modeling tools, meshing algorithms and an extensible scripting interface to generate input files for the external solvers. Then, the MPC post-processor offers a comprehensive set of tools. These are preparing plots, tables and graphs of the results which the external solvers generate. Moreover, MPC has an extended version: STKO (Scientific ToolKit for OpenSees).

Especially relevant is MPC modeling workflow. It has a scriptable (Python) interface which allows the user to customize it.  Thanks to Python code, the user can easily define all the components, from materials to sections. After that, MPC exposes these new entities on its workflow and thus to the end-user too.

In conclution, MPC workflow consists of three consecutive steps gathered in a unique user interface. They are: the pre-processor, the post-processor and also the processor manager.


pre and post processor main features


Basic and advanced CAD modeling commands for creating and manipulating points, curves, surfaces and solids. | Import-export support for common CAD file formats. | Choise of the external solver. | Python-based interface to extend the pre-processor capabilities and to generate user interface objects for the input data of the external solver. They are, for instance, material properties, beam and shell cross sections, generic attributes, loads, boundary conditions and analysis algorithms. | Generation of the computational mesh of the model.


Generate input files. | Launch the external solvers. | Monitor analyses.


Read one or multiple output databases. | Prepare simple or composite representations/animations of the results. | Contour plots, volume plots, vector plots, streamlines, beam diagrams, etc.. | Extract tables and graphs from the database. | Manipulate the results by means of built-in operations (sum, avarage, envelope, etc..) or custom python-based scripts..

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