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Asdea Software Technology is the company behind the revolutionary software STKO (Scientific ToolKit for OpenSees). STKO blends the power of OpenSees with the ease and convenience of a Graphic User Interface.

STKO's pre and postprocessors are designed to streamline the process of modeling and analyzing in OpenSees so that users can focus on getting results. The software contains many innovative features such as a Python scripting interface, CAD modeling tools, geometry repair tools, visualization algorithms, advanced visualization algorithms for beam/column and shell elements, an opensource third-party database library for storing your results which includes an MPCORecorder, and MORE!

Advanced Structural Design & Analysis Software

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We are a software development company staffed with engineers, academic researchers, and software developers. Our goal is to provide innovative software solutions customized to fit your needs.

We offer high-profile specialized software solutions both customized for clients and originally designed by our team, like STKO. Our personalized approach to customized software facilitates interaction between producer and customer. Learn more about ASDEA Software Technology.

Advanced Structural Design & Analysis


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