POSITION: Analyst/Software Developer

The selected candidates will support new and on-going research and development projects, contribute to new on-site-state-of-the-art software implementation, as well as create programmatic deliverables. Under direction, selected candidates will apply comprehensive knowledge of Artificial Intelligence, dynamic and structural analysis to contribute to our projects.


  • • Contribute to the development of finite element and AI software including software, verification, and validation
  • • Work with other analysts, code developers, engineers, and subject matter experts to solve technical problems
  • • Perform and document static, dynamic, modal and/or multi-physics analyses
  • • Simulate and evaluate system response and performance to support or guide design, testing, modification, and optimization
  • • Participate in formal design reviews as required
  • • Work independently and/or with teams to solve complex engineering analysis problems


  • • Degree in Mechanical or Civil Engineering, or equivalent level of demonstrated knowledge
  • • Fundamental knowledge of elasticity, plasticity, failure, and heat transfer in engineering materials/structures
  • • Knowledge of materials properties and associated analytical models used in mechanical engineering problem solving
  • • Experience with engineering analysis using structural computer codes
  • • Ability to work independently and collaboratively
  • • Verbal and written communication skills in English necessary to interact with a multi-disciplinary research team, author technical and scientific reports and papers, document analyses, and deliver scientific presentations


  • • Experience programming with Matlab, Python, C++, and/or Fortran
  • • Experience with uncertainty quantification or statistics
  • • Experience with AI
  • • Knowledge of advanced constitutive models for metals, composites, ceramics, foams, geologic materials, or polymers including hyper elasticity, viscoelasticity, creep, plasticity, damage, fatigue, aging, fracture, thermal effects, anisotropy, in homogeneity, and/or probabilistic characterization

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