Article - Presenting ASDEA Hardware
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Presenting the Newest Addition to the ASDEA Brand: ASDEA Hardware

ASDEA Hardware is an ambitious new start-up that aims to provide innovative, high-quality sensors for structural health monitoring. The first product is MonStr, an advanced sensor network for structural health monitoring.

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MonStr and ASDEA Hardware began when young Engineer Maurizio Bottini was collaborating on a project with ASDEA and ASDEA Software that required sensors for structural health monitoring. After he was unable to find a product that could operate as needed, he took action. With the help of engineers Matteo Di Giorgio, Mirko Rossi, and IT Technician Davide Buccella, the support of Massimo Petracca, Guido Camata, and ASDEA s.rl., ASDEA Hardware was formed to create a device that would not only fill the requirements necessary for the project but which could also become an industry-leading structural health monitoring system.

ASDEA Hardware's aim is to design, ideate, and build specialized devices for structural health monitoring. With the experience of the professional Engineers at ASDEA and using ASDEA Software's STKO, MonStr is designed to be an integrated structural health monitoring solution that meets the needs of engineers in the field. Learn more on their webiste.

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