ASDEA Software funds research project on server rack isolation

Watch Livesteamed Shake Table Tests for Seismically Isolated Server Cabinets

On April 21st and 23rd, Asdea Software Technology will be livestreaming shake table tests from the Eucentre laboratories in Pavia on three innovative seismic isolation systems for non-structural elements on our YouTube Channel. The tests have been developed as part of a research project carried out by the Department of Engineering and Geology (INGEO) of the University Gabriele d'Annunzio of Chieti-Pescara in collaboration with the Department of Engineering of the University of Fuzhou and sponsored by Asdea and Asdea Software, as well as by Hirun Europe and Seeweb, and were further supported by Arpitel.

The live stream on the 21st will run from 8 am -12:30 pm (GMT+2) and can be viewed here.
The live stream on the 23rd will also run from 8-12:30 (GMT+2) and can be viewed here.

The research project centers around the development of a system for the protection of hard disks contained in server cabinets during seismic events. Currently, there are many technologies that rely on the proper functioning of servers and their electronic components. The project seeks to minimize the possibility of the interruption of services connected to the network of data centers during earthquakes. The tests will examine the behavior of the isolation systems developed and
the operation of servers mounted on some racks during earthquakes simulated with the shake table. The shake tests will increase in intensity until reaching 125% of the earthquake that hit the city of Kobe, Japan in 1995.

A second project will undergo simultaneous testing. The second project was developed in collaboration with Walter Tosto Spa. It is a cutting-edge continuous monitoring system for the acquisition of the response of structural and non-structural elements. Interest in this latter field of study is growing rapidly to meet the need to be able to constantly monitor the integrity of all structures and infrastructures that surround us. The tests will be carried out in the Eucentre Foundation's laboratories. The Eucentre is a non-profit organization that aims to promote, support, and offer training opportunities in the field of reducing seismic risks.

We hope you will join us in witnessing the testing of these two new innovative projects.

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